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At Kids Create, we employ the "Teaching for Artistic Behavior" methodology, a nationally recognized approach to Art Education. Our approach diverges from conventional teacher-led instruction, which can lead to uniform and predictable outcomes. Instead, we provide students with an environment that fosters creative thinking, allowing them to experiment and work like professional artists. By encouraging students to implement their own artistic ideas, we enable them to develop technical and problem-solving skills through the creative process. 


        Caitlin Dailey is the owner and primary educator at Kids Create. She received her BFA in sculpture from Alfred University and then earned her Masters in Art Education through the Museum School and Tufts University. Caitlin has taught art for the past 17 years and has been the art teacher at Orleans Elementary School for the past 11 years. 
         Through her years of teaching, Caitlin has realized how important it is to find ways to foster and support creativity in children.  She recently employed the "Teaching for Artistic Behavior" methodology at Orleans Elementary.    After switching something amazing happened. The students were self directed, fully engaged, problem solving, collaborating, generating and executing complex ideas and developing craft. After seeing the wonderful benefits of a choice based classroom she decided to open Kids Create. Caitlin truly loves working with children and seeing their creative decision making skills at work.

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